The Magic of BookBub

For authors, winning a BookBub Featured Deal is almost a license to print money.

However, getting a book selected by BookBub’s editorial team is a major feat. Some self-published authors have been rejected up to 28 times, and are still trying.

The Magic of BookBub is a warts and all procedural that seeks to help authors make winning submissions. It highlights successful tactics, and the most favored categories for self-published authors – the categories where self-published authors have an advantage over traditional publishers.

No one can precisely decipher BookBub’s selection process but The Magic of BookBub answers many previously unanswered questions.

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… Soon after reading The Magic of BookBub and making this change, I applied for a BookBub ad, and my book was accepted …

Resa Nelson

This book is easy to understand and take action on. BookBub is an incredibly rewarding book marketing tactic and this book nails it.

Regular Buyer

It’s a bit slow to get through all the tables etc, but well worth the effort… a must have for any author wanting to market their book.

Gill Trewick

Provided a very comprehensive overview of the process. The insights will definitively streamline submission from New or repeat authors. Also provides insight for the decision process.


…Thank you, Peter Ralph. Excellent book! I look forward to the follow up on this book …

The Booksmith Review