Beauty and the Scalpel

When young, New York plastic surgeon Jack Donahue’s reputation is destroyed, he changes his name and makes a fresh start in Sydney.

Blessed with unique surgical skills and driven by greed and lust, it’s not long before Donahue is a multimillionaire but he wants more – much, much more.

Handsome, narcissistic and cruel, when Donahue sees the opportunity to become super-wealthy, he seizes it.

Will greed be his downfall?

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After reading The CEO, I was completely hooked on Peter Ralph. He has a very creative mind, and his writing draws me into places that I didn’t think existed.

Bonnie Stowe

I really loved this book. It kept me hooked, described plastic surgery beautifully, and was just a fabulous story.

Sandy Moore

This book was very well written, Peter Ralph again did not disappoint me. Simon is a Plastic Surgeon full of ambition he will stop at nothing to be the best. He does build quite a reputation however, his desire for Power and Money is all he can think of. Milly is the ugly dugly Simon transforms into a Beautiful Stunning Wife. Well let’s just say you must read the book! Thank You Peter Ralph Great Book.

Ms. Roman

I have read a number of Peter Ralphs books. While this book is far removed from what he usually writes about, it proves that he can write 5 star books on any subject.

William S Lis