A Deadly Partner

When Chicago born Luke Cramer slugs a union-backed mobster on a huge Las Vegas construction site, he’s in big trouble.

With the mob snapping at his heels, he has no choice but to run for it. With his wife and baby, he heads to Australia’s Gold Coast, where he gets a lucky break, and help to start his own building business. Within a few years, young Luke is a millionaire but the lawless and violent Builders Laborers and Mining Union (BLMU) wants its cut, and there nothing it won’t do to get it.

Complaining to politicians and the police doesn’t help because the BLMU’s paying them off. Desperate, Luke returns to Chicago and recruits his best friend and hitman, Joe “Ratsy” Ratsch, to level the playing field. 

When the BLMU appoints a powerful new leader with murder on his agenda, the stakes are ratcheted up. 

Will Luke live to enjoy his hard-earned success? 

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Another great book from Peter Ralph who has mastered the art of the business novel, combining education, entertainment, and a degree of unbelievable believability.


Great book! Backstories were complete. Peter Ralph has a knack for almost making you feel like he introduced you to the characters in person. Action packed and could very well be realistic!

Amazon customer

This is the 3rd read from Peter Ralph I’ve enjoyed greatly. I certainly appreciate his factual fiction and his dealing with the corporate structure. Definitely page turners and worth wanting the next one.

Kevin Gallegos

Wow. I sat down to read a couple chapters and next thing I know it is 2am. I was so lost in the book that I did not realize I should have gone to bed hours …


The characters are amazing, with wit and brains together, you are kept wrapped up in all the action and the outstanding plot until the surprise ending.

Kathryn A Defranc