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I think that before you can competently tell an entertaining and hopefully gripping story, you need to have at least some expertise in the subject matter that you are writing about which is one reason I’ll never write about romance.

I’ve been involved in business and business litigation for most of my life and my story-telling is coloured by the days and weeks I’ve spent in lawyers’ offices, barristers’ chambers and courts waiting for the wheels of justice to grind to a conclusion. I enjoy slightly changing the facts, adding a little more violence than actually took place and changing the names of the characters to protect the guilty to produce what are hopefully enthralling business themed suspense novels.

I also enjoy the opportunity to assist in writing autobiographies and working on Pass the Sugar with world poker champion, Joe Hachem, was an experience I’ll not readily forget.

Collins Street Whores cover

"Collins Street Whores"

After years of study and hard work, the strikingly beautiful Carmen Minelli finally achieves her dream of attaining a senior position with the most respected stockbroker in the land—J.D. Ford & Co.

As she delves deeper into the assignment she has an uncomfortable feeling that she is being manipulated into signing off on something that she shouldn’t. But why? Who is pulling the strings? What do they hope to achieve?

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Pass the Sugar cover

"Pass the Sugar"

Pass The Sugar’ (Joe’s catch phrase after he wins a big pot) takes readers on a journey that many dream of ... from playing home games of Poker with friends to becoming a multimillionaire world Poker champ. Joe’s story proves that dreams can come true.

The book gives insights into how Joe plays the cards he is dealt, in life as well as on the poker table. Faced with adversity which could have ruined his life, Joe turned to the pastime that he loved, and outlayed $10,000 to compete against 5,618 combatants including many of the world’s top professionals in the World Championship of the game known as the ‘Cadillac of Poker’—No Limit Texas Hold ‘em.

The prize is the richest in sport...more than Wimbledon, the US Masters or the Tour De France.Come with Joe from his childhood journey from Lebanon to Australia to the final table at the World Series of Poker Championship at the famous Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas where he made poker history with a 7 of clubs and 3 of spades.

Along the way you will learn about perseverance, the importance of family and the workings of a great poker mind.After his famous victory, Joe still felt the need to prove himself—for validation—and seventeen months after winning the world championship he achieved poker immortality by winning the second richest tournament in the world, The Five Diamonds at the Bellagio, becoming one of only four players in the history of poker to achieve this amazing double feat.

The book also relates stories of Joe’s encounters with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, tournaments that he’s played around the world and the work that he does to promote Poker internationally and charitable causes at home. It is the story of a man who has scaled dizzy heights but whose feet remain firmly on the ground.

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The CEO cover

"The CEO"

Douglas Aspine knew that being CEO of a public company was twenty times more lucrative than winning the lottery. He was forty-five and time was running out when fate dealt him an unexpected opportunity. The company was old, staid and well-respected but it was underperforming and Aspine was determined to turn it around no matter who he had to crush.

Soon he was at war with the company's employees, unions, suppliers, financiers and co-directors but nothing was going to stop him. Not his chairman, not his wife, not his mistress, not the anonymous death threats and definitely not the press. Aspine could almost taste the glory, the riches and peer recognition he'd craved for so long. He knew he had countless detractors and enemies who he contemptuously labelled "losers" and paid no heed to. Would this prove to be a miscalculation of monumental proportions or would he prevail?

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Dirty Fracking Business cover

"Dirty Fracking Business"

When little Charlie Paxton aged only six passes away with a mysterious form of cancer, his father, Charles, swears to have his revenge. The water and the air in the Fisher Valley was pristine before the coal seam gas companies arrived with government endorsed gas exploration and development licences. Then they marched roughshod over the owners of privately owned highly productive farming and grazing land, paying them little in the way of compensation.

After drilling they pumped water, sand and toxic chemicals at high pressure hundreds of metres into the ground in a process known as fracking that exploded the coal seams, releasing the methane while giving scant attention to the ground, air and water pollution they were creating. Charles Paxton is determined to stop the gas companies even if it means blowing up their wells and blocking their access to agricultural properties.

But big gas is powerful and backed by rapacious governments who won’t hesitate to use their police and army to smash through blockades. Can an unlikely alliance of farmers, greens and conservatives stand against the might of big gas and the governments complicit in helping it?

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Revenge of the CEO cover

"Revenge of the CEO"

What would you do if you were framed and sentenced to twenty years in an Asian prison?

Would it make any difference if the heinous crimes that you’d gotten away with carried far longer sentences?

Would knowing that your actions led directly to the suicide of your financial controller prick your conscience?

Blind hate kept Douglas Aspine alive in Changi Prison. He had no conscience or compassion for those he had hurt, only the lust for revenge. Would this evil man succeed in bringing down those who had framed him?

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Fog City Fraud cover

"Fog City Fraud"

When a man plunges to his death from a high rise building in San Francisco the city’s streets are brought to a standstill. Why had he been holding a young girl on the ledge with a knife to her throat?

Did he fall or did the shock of the bullet that ripped his shoulder apart kill him?

Why had made this otherwise, peaceful, family man snap?

Did the answers to these questions die with him?

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White Collar Blackmail

"White Collar Blackmail"

Executives are dying in mysterious circumstances after unusual dealings in their companies shares.

Young Todd Hansen’s an audit manager who hates accounting and loves gambling on racehorses. He’s on a hot winning win streak, taking the illegal bookies for a fortune, and is about to resign his job when things go awry. In the hole for more than half a million, he’s given a way to pay his debt. All he has to do is provide some confidential financial information about his corporate clients.

Todd’s caught and sentenced to nine years in Castlebrough, New York’s toughest prison. Murderer, mob boss, and chess fanatic, Frank Arturo, runs the prison and Todd catches a lucky break. He’s a champion chess player and is befriended by Arturo.

When Todd’s released on shaky grounds of appeal, the FBI promise they’ll have his sentence remitted if he helps them trap those who blackmailed him. He’s scared, doesn’t want to do it, and knows one slip up will see him dead but what choice does he have?

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Beauty and the Scalpel

"Beauty and the Scalpel"

When young, New York plastic surgeon Jack Donahue’s reputation is destroyed, he changes his name and makes a fresh start in Sydney.

Blessed with unique surgical skills and driven by greed and lust, it’s not long before Donahue is a multimillionaire but he wants more – much, much more.

Handsome, narcissistic and cruel, when Donahue sees the opportunity to become super-wealthy, he seizes it.

Will greed be his downfall?

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Blood Gold in the Congo

"Blood Gold in the Congo"

The story follows the life of twelve-year-old Congolese boy, Joseph Muamba, who just wants to die after he is sold to a wealthy American family. Eventually, he grows to love the family and lives the life of the all-American boy. However, he cannot rid himself of a nagging feeling that he has a greater calling in life.

Fourteen years later he competes at the Beijing Olympics for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and wins his birth country’s first ever medal – gold in the decathlon. However, the nagging feeling persists, not satisfied by Olympic gold.

Revered, he returns to the Congo as a guest of the president and is mobbed by adoring crowds. Maya Tansi, his closest childhood friend, has metamorphosed into a beautiful woman, and they become reacquainted. When Maya tells him Western countries are bribing politicians and plundering the country’s mineral wealth, he does not believe her.

He soon finds Maya is right. Government induced bribery, corruption, rape, and murder are taking place in the Congo on a grand scale. Western and Chinese mining companies are ripping gold and minerals out of the earth without paying compensation or taxes. When the poor, oppressed people protest, they are imprisoned or murdered.

Finally, Joseph realizes what his calling is, but it involves risking his life, and the lives of those who he loves.

Can he bring down rapacious, Western billionaires and an evil government?

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The Magic of Bookbub

"The Magic of Bookbub"

For authors, winning a BookBub Featured Deal is almost a license to print money.

However, getting a book selected by BookBub’s editorial team is a major feat. Some self-published authors have been rejected up to 28 times, and are still trying.

The Magic of BookBub is a warts and all procedural that seeks to help authors make winning submissions. It highlights successful tactics, and the most favored categories for self-published authors – the categories where self-published authors have an advantage over traditional publishers.

No one can precisely decipher BookBub’s selection process but The Magic of BookBub answers many previously unanswered questions.

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An Unholy Union

"An Unholy Union"

Chicago born Luke Cramer loved working on Las Vegas’s huge construction sites. That is until he slugged a mobster working for the union.

With the mob threatening retribution, he has no choice but to run for it. With his wife and baby, he heads to Australia’s Gold Coast, where he gets a lucky break, and help to start his own building business. Within a few years, young Luke is a millionaire but the lawless Builders Laborers and Mining Union (BLMU), which is worse than any American union want its payoff, and there’s nothing it won’t do to get it.

Complaining to politicians and the police doesn’t help because the BLMU’s paying them off. Desperate, Luke returns to Chicago and recruits his best friend and hitman, Joe “Ratsy” Ratsch, to level the playing field.

When the BLMU appoints a powerful new leader with murder on his agenda, the stakes are ratcheted up. Will Luke survive to enjoy his hard-earned success?

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