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Hi all, I’m pleased to be able to promote and recommend Dave Stanton’s Stateline: A hard-boiled crime novel and better still, it’s my favorite price … it’s FREE in the U.S., and U.K. Here’s the link http://goo.gl/HuaT7p and all you need to is click, and then click BUY, and it’s yours. “When a tycoon’s son […]

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Dear Reader, I recently read An Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity. It’s a great story and Stuart Campbell is a fine author. Mr. Campbell has a unique style and the first person narration by different characters is extremely effective. Two deaths are the foundation of a captivating tale. Were they murders or accidents? It depends on […]

Revenge Of The CEO

Hi, Those of you who have read The CEO will know that the evil, narcissistic Douglas Aspine was framed and sentenced to twenty years in the escape-proof Changi prison. Hate is the fuel that keeps Aspine alive. My EBook, Revenge Of The CEO is the tale of his quest for revenge Revenge Of The CEO […]

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  My best selling novel, The CEO, is FREE on Amazon for three days, commencing just after midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 15 November and finishing at midnight on 17 November. If you haven’t already read it, please take the opportunity to download a copy. “The CEO is a business themed thriller that depicts […]

I need your help.

 The edit of White Collar Blackmail is complete, and the cover is attached. Unfortunately, I made a lot of errors predominantly with word omissions, and I fear the editor, who is first-rate may not have picked all of them up. It still needs to be formatted.  I’ll be sending it to those of you that […]

White Collar Blackmail

Hi, I’ve just sent my 340-page manuscript, White Collar Blackmail, to St Louis for editing. It’s set in Chicago, New York and Geneva and hopefully will be released within 30 days. It contains most of the ingredients of a good thriller – murder, sex, corruption, blackmail and violence. Here follows a short synopsis: Executives are […]

This Crazy Language: English

English (USA), English (Australian), English (UK) I have my books edited in St Louis by a lady called Sara Ann. I do this because nearly everything in the USA is vastly less expensive than in Australia. For instance the median price of a house in our largest city, Sydney, just went through a million dollars. […]


The easiest way to write fiction about white collar crime is to take a set of facts, embellish them, add a little sex, some violence, perhaps some murders, and voila you have a novel. The great advantage of this is that you don’t need the imagination of a genius like Stephen King. When I read […]

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people! Really?”

I published what follows in June 2014, and while I don’t like regurgitating, I think that after the Charlestown killings it is even more relevant now. The thought of a father giving a 21 year old a .45 calibre handgun for a birthday present is incomprehensible to me. That said, I don’t live in the […]