Make 435% per annum on your money and other fairy tales

Hi, About a year ago I decided to see what books were available on investing and share trading on Amazon. There were hundreds, many making outrageous claims like: ‘In all honesty, investing is relatively easy as long as you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, you already have this book (32 pages), and it will teach […]

Not for the faint hearted

Hi, Irish author, Kerry Donovan, is one of those wordsmiths who writes so eloquently that I’d probably read his shopping lists. An international bestselling author of police procedurals, Kerry has just branched out into what I call the Jack Reacher genre. It’s escapism, non-stop action and extreme violence. Kerry’s foray into this genre is titled […]

Disappearing in Plain Sight

Hi, I love high-quality FREE books. When I read Disappearing in Plain Sight   by Fran Guenette it was one of my easiest five star reviews. It’s upmarket fiction and Fran’s prose and use of words is not unlike that of Khaled Hoisseini. The good news is that Disappearing in Plain Sight  can be yours for FREE between 8 – 10 May, 2017 when […]

Dying for the Highlife

Hi, Dave Stanton is my favourite author of hard-boiled, crime, thrillers, and his Dan Reno series novels are real page turners. Unlike most series, you can read Dan Reno in any order as each novel is a separate and complete story. Better still, there are no annoying hooks in the last chapter trying to force […]

Get your FREE copy of “Remorseless” by British author Will Patching

Hi, I’ve just finished reading Remorseless, a brilliant novel by British author Will Patching. Of course, I wouldn’t be telling you about it unless it was a bargain. Right now, you can pick it up on Amazon for FREE at the following link   I also need to warn you that this novel is extremely […]

FREE Novel with giveaway for a Kindle Paper-White

Directors and executives of public corporations are dying in mysterious circumstances. Their only connection is irregular share dealings that took place in their companies before their deaths. When young auditor, Todd Hansen, runs up a huge gambling debt with illegal bookies, he finds himself in serious trouble. The only way he can pay them is […]

Great FREE psychological thriller

Hi, I don’t usually read psychological thrillers but Maggie James’s novella, Blackwater Lake, had me hooked from the first page. It was what I describe as an involuntary one session read because once you start reading, it’s impossible to put down. I thought Blackwater Lake was a terrific read and here follows my five-star Amazon review. “Brilliant […]


Hi all, Bone Maker (series Book 1) by D F Bailey is a superb, five-star story told by a fine author. Better still, IT’S FREE and the Amazon link is Bone Maker is not a long novel but it has some remarkable twists and turns. I am reluctant to go into details about the […]

FREE and DISCOUNTED promotion

Hi folks, I’m looking to give my recently released novel, Beauty and the Scalpel, a little kick along so I’m heavily discounting it and throwing in White Collar Blackmail(Amazon rating 4.8) for FREE. Each promotion is separate. You don’t have to download one to get the other. If you enjoy either of the above novels […]

Disappearing in Plain Sight FREE from 25-29 March 2016

Dear Reader, I love high-quality FREE books. I recently read Disappearing in Plain Sight by Fran Guenette and it was an easy five star review. It’s what I describe as upmarket fiction and Fran’s prose and use of words is not unlike that of Khaled Hoisseini. I would normally show my review but a fellow-author […]