About me

Peter Ralph

Peter Ralph spent his early business life as a chartered accountant, specialising in corporate recoveries and reconstructions.

In the mid 1980s he became CEO of a mid-sized private company which was successfully floated as a public company in 1994.

Subsequently Peter became a share and derivatives trader and continues in that field today.

In addition to the financial markets and writing, he has a keen interest in squash, tennis, golf and snow skiing. The breadth and duration of his business career has provided him with a background and insights well suited for writing suspense based business novels.

About my books

I think that before you can competently tell an entertaining and hopefully gripping story, you need to have at least some expertise in the subject matter that you are writing about which is one reason I’ll never write about romance.

I’ve been involved in business and business litigation for most of my life and my story-telling is coloured by the days and weeks I’ve spent in lawyers’ offices, barristers’ chambers and courts waiting for the wheels of justice to grind to a conclusion. I enjoy slightly changing the facts, adding a little more violence than actually took place and changing the names of the characters to protect the guilty to produce what are hopefully enthralling business themed suspense novels.

I also enjoy the opportunity to assist in writing autobiographies and working on Pass the Sugar with world poker champion, Joe Hachem, was an experience I’ll not readily forget.